There is also a staking mechanism that can be used by anyone who wants to contribute to the protocol and gain financial returns for doing so. A portion of the amount that is denoted as FirstBatch share will be set aside to be paid out as staking rewards, and each wallet will receive rewards proportional to the amount of $BATCH staked by them. Staked tokens of an agent can be slashed if that actor is deliberately manipulating the token rewards system or attacking its security in some way, exact rules for the token slashing will be explained in detail prior to the launch of the staking pool.
Being a Connector, Curator, or Bridger will require staking a minimum amount. Anyone else -regardless of whether them having another role in the token ecosystem or not- will be able to participate with any amount they want. Notice that the reward rates in the staking mechanism are role agnostic: there’s no difference between the ROI percentage of a bridger and a user or connector, it’s all based on their staking amounts.
The staking mechanism is an additional value driver for $BATCH that also ensures the data consistency and security of the protocol.