In today's fast-paced digital landscape, apps without hyper-personalization are destined to be left behind.
Instant personalization is no longer a luxury; it has become necessary for businesses aiming to scale and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.
The harsh reality is that avoidable user churn is costing businesses a staggering $450 billion annually. However, studies have shown that user churn can be reduced by 67% if companies address the user experience of first-time interactions through instant personalization.
Modern users demand the best experience on new platforms and want it as quickly as possible, fully intact with privacy. They have no time for apps that fail to cater to their unique preferences and needs. If businesses fail to recognize the importance of Privacy-Preserving Hyper-Personalization and its potential to enhance user experience, they risk losing valuable customers, market share, and, ultimately, revenue.
FirstBatch is on a mission to make personalization self-sovereign, interoperable, and privacy-preserving.
FirstBatch is a new universal interest graph that unlocks powerful recommendations, similarity search engines, and a decentralized vector database for any app with a few lines of code.
Unlike any, FirstBatch gives users instant & hyper-personalized AI recommendations available in every app, self-sovereignty over their information, and privacy with Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

The FirstBatch Stack

FirstBatch is developing a technology stack that paves the way for countless use cases for Personalization and AI. The three major parts of this stack: FID, DANNY, and HollowDB are also provided in FirstBatch’s tools to make them all accessible and easy to use.
  • FirstBatch ID (FID): FID is the zk-IDs users generate to use personalization through FirstBatch. When a user creates their FID, their personas & interests are calculated based on the snapshots taken from their social accounts. Personas are stored on the blockchain with no user id, wallet address, or email. Instead, users prove ID ownership in Zero-Knowledge to update their data, making it permissionless.
    • Persona-to-Vec: FirstBatch AI generates user interests as queryable interest vectors while preserving privacy with zk-Identities.
  • DANNY: Danny (Decentralized Approximate Nearest Neighbor Yummy!) is an open-source decentralized similarity search engine deployed on blockchain operating fully on contract level. DANNY allows training, deployment, and inference of Similarity Search models.
  • HollowDB: HollowDB is a open source decentralized key-value database on the Arweave network, developed by FirstBatch. The goal of HollowDB is to provide a database for applications with actual production-level stability and feasibility for projects of any scale, while also being privacy-preserving with Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Utilities & Use Cases

Before getting to the details of how the token works and how it flows, it’s better to start with learning what it enables through the FirstBatch protocol. There are three main products that can be accessed with $BATCH:

Plug-and-Play Personalization

Personalization is a key factor for almost any platform’s user experience, and it can be quite a challenge to get it right. Using FirstBatch’s plug-and-play solution, projects can provide AI-powered personalization to their users based on which interests the users have. Thanks to FirstBatch ID, users can bring their interests to any platform they use to get personalization starting from their first moment there. Here are some example use cases for FirstBatch’s plug-and-play personalization:
  • Social Media: When it comes to personalization, social media is one of the first verticals that come to mind. After all, social media is all about bringing entertaining content to users and that mission heavily depends on good personalization. Using FirstBatch, social platforms are not only able to personalize their own content feed, but also bring content from hundreds of other sources to their own platform.
  • E-commerce: Current state of e-commerce personalization methods is far from optimal, they have no clue about your interests other than the analysis of the few hours you spend on their website and the cookies on your browser that get less and less effective. With FirstBatch, e-commerce platforms can start providing personalization instantly thanks to interoperable personas tied to users’ FID. FirstBatch labels each product and vectorizes these labels to make them comparable to the users’ interest, which means the alignment between any user and product can be calculated efficiently.
  • Gaming: Games are full of customization whether it’s through the items, quests, guilds, or something else, and this indicates a huge potential for personalization so that players can truly enjoy the different possibilities. A player’s activity on social platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and youtube can inform in-game recommendations and add a whole new layer to the experience.
  • NFT Marketplaces: NFT marketplaces have been going through extreme highs and lows, but one thing about them stays the same: UX is very disappointing for collectors. There is barely any personalization and all of the rarity/price metrics are ignoring what is actually valuable in the art itself. With FirstBatch, NFT marketplaces can recommend collectors NFTs based on their interests and give a chance to artists by showing their work to the right audiences.


DANNY offers a powerful toolkit for creating a wide range of applications, including recommendation engines and semantic search capabilities. It enables projects to build vector search engines with unique metrics and parameters, creating a wide range of potential use cases.
Applications using DANNY can provide personalized suggestions and semantic search capabilities that take into account user preferences, improving the user experience. DANNY can also be used to find and get rid of duplicates and/or anomalies, leading to new opportunities for DAOs and combating fraud related to DeFi and Sybil identities.


HollowDB allows the storage of complex objects as key-value pairs on the blockchain. A wallet is sufficient to start developing with HollowDB. With zero-knowledge proofs, HollowDB makes it possible to create databases where each user owns their part of the database and ownership is provable without revealing any sensitive information.
HollowDB can be used in any project where a privacy-preserving solution is needed, such as anonymous auction platforms, messaging apps, or decentralized identity management systems.

Business Model

Since personalization is a highly relevant problem for web2.0 & web3.0 (and anything in between) platforms, FirstBatch’s services are not targeting web3 projects only. This creates the need for a flexible and customizable business model that fits the needs of projects/businesses of all shapes and sizes. This includes accepting fiat payments and converting them to $BATCH, while still keeping the option to pay with $BATCH for crypto-native projects.

FirstBatch Services

  • Pricing based on the monetary policy of the protocol’s tokenomics
  • Will have a separate model for the web2 pipeline
  • Pricing is based on # of queries and model size
    • Fees go up as the customer’s app scales
DANNY Similarity Search as a Service Specs
  • Operates fully on SmartWeave contracts
  • Training of similarity search model with multithread support
    • Can be trained locally or using WASM on the browser
  • Sharding & deployment of the model to Arweave
  • Allows on-chain updates to the model
  • Inference with AI
    • Train dataset size
    • Inference model count
  • Danny Train
    • #of trains (daily/weekly etc.)
    • #of active model
  • Danny on Contract
    • #of query
    • #of user
  • Depends on specs
To incentivize the stakeholders in the ecosystem, $BATCH will be used for every service fee and contribution reward from FirstBatch, making it a strong utility token.
  • Pricing is based on # of read/write operations + storage amount (storage fee is paid up front and the data is stored forever)
    • Fees go up as the customer’s app scales
HollowDB Specs
  • Full data ownership for your users
  • Can enable zero-knowledge proofs
  • Read/write times:
    Without gRPC
    1s write 1.5-2s read
    With gRPC
    500ms write 1s read
  • Data permanency by blockchain technology
    • Keys never expire
  • 2kb max value size without Bundlr. No max when using with Bundlr, which is included in DBaaS offering (plans can have different limits)
In order to incentivize the stakeholders in the ecosystem, $BATCH will be used for every service fee and contribution reward from FirstBatch, making it a strong utility token.